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This is an excellent (well, almost excellent) true crime book about a serial rapist whose main hunting ground was Seattle during the 1970s/early 80s. The multiple award winning author has done some very thorough research on the case and his writing style, as well as the story, holds the readers interest throughout. An innocent man is arrested and convicted for the crimes based on very shaky evidence......evidence manipulated by the police to fit the situation while the real culprit continues to assault and rape. The gradual deterioration of the life of the wrongly accused man and his family is tragic and the incompetence/corruption of the police is maddening. A local newspaper crime reporter who has serious doubts about the conviction becomes deeply involved in an attempt to free the wrongly accused and find the real rapist. And the hunt is on!I only have two problems with the book and they are minimal......a) the author does not use the perpetrators real name but reveals the names of all others concerned which doesnt make sense to me and seems rather unfeeling, and b) spends a little too much time on the rapists background. Regardless of those little nits, I would recommend this book to those who enjoy well written true crime.

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