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I have always been a Christian. I was brought up in a Christian home, I had Sunday school every Sunday and Wednesday night church every, well, Wednesday. I went to church camps, I was baptized, and I went to Christian school and even had those corny cartoon illustrations of Bible Stores on tape.So why is it that I have never fully read the Bible?You would think being the brought-up Christian I am that I would have. I mean I said I had before. I even told people I have read it thirty times! I was a liar. I have never read the whole thing, though I think I know 99.99% of the stories in the Bible.So my challenge to myself, which started on October 18th, 2015, is to read the whole Bible within a year.Cute, right?No. It’s an actual commitment and I am ashamed to say it is a difficulty. It’s more than just reading the Bible; it’s about understanding and putting it to great work.I am not a know it all Christian. I am not a stuck up Christian. I still think of myself as a baby Christian in all honest because there is so much I still don’t understand and still don’t know. I mess up, like a lot; the difference is: I own up to it. With that being said, I missed like three days and had to double up a lot because I get tired and lazy and stupid. Mostly stupid.So here is my review of Joel. Another short review but very sobering yet encouraging. I felt as if it was pointing straight at me at points.

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